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Modernizing the traditional fermentation of therapeutic vegetable oil

5th Gen Carrier Oil

FERMOIL LLC is an exclusive distributor of premium carrier oil for wellness, essential oils, tinctures and vape product makers. With FERMOIL, consumer products attain the highest level of bioavailabilty possible, resulting in superior performance, quality and demand. FERMOIL yields 4 to 7 times better absorption, has exposed anti-bacterial and pre-biotic properties, and is well-proven in the consumer marketplace. FERMOIL is the only exclusive distributor of a fermented and evaporated carrier oil that is far superior to the following previous generations of carrier oil:

  • 1st Gen: Salad Oils, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Hemp Oil

  • 2nd Gen: Medium Chain Triglycerides

  • 3rd Gen: Nano-Emulsification

  • 4th Gen: Nano Ultra-Sonification

  • 5th Gen Carrier Oil: Fermented and Evaporated Oil Film to release all essential natural and powerful therapeutic molecules. 


5th Gen Carrier Oil: Fermented and Evaporated Oil Film to release all essential natural and powerful molecules.


Why is it a 5th Gen Carrier Oil?

Several methods of extracting coconut oil (and red palm oil) have been used over the years. Mr. Willem Lavarias

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has developed a new process of modernizing the traditional fermentation process of vegetable oil  by designing a fermentation plant and a patented technology that ferments the oils from 4–7 days and targeting to reach a slightly acidic pH (pH 4.4 to 5.7), thus the oil’s surface tension is disrupted.

Overcoming the surface tension or the sort of film formed across the oil’s surface is achieved through the fermentation process. Additionally, a patented evaporation technology is employed to expose the oil and release the powerful and natural curative fatty acid molecules that have anti-viral, antibacterial and prebiotic properties. Another milestone of the evaporation process is the infusion of oxygen and nitrogen from the atmosphere to the molecular level promoting a truly oxygenated oil.

The technological breakthrough of the fermentation and evaporation process of exposing the oil and releasing its essential substances is of specific importance in the promotion of the first ever healthy vape oil with confirmed specifications like:

  • Lower flash point at 200°C (a lower temoperature to easily ignite the vape oil thus eliminating wastage of unburned particles).

  • Lower density with a minimum value of 0.59 (the lighter once inhaled and changes from gas to liquid will have an energy boosting effect after smoking as it is rapidly absorbed in the lungs and into the bloodstream. Lighter density oil is converted into amino acid and not uric acid).

  • Oxygenated (oil wastage is eliminated because of the complete burning of oil and oxygen mixture)

Test results will show that FERMOIL is of superior quality and can perform better compared to
other technology of turning oil molecules into nanoparticles for easier mixing in the blood. Thus we
call it a 5 th Generation carrier oil.

The Fermentation

Fermentation is the traditional and well-known method for the extraction of virgin coconut oil from coconut milk. Coconut milk is expelled from freshly harvested coconuts, is traditionally fermented for 24 to 36 hours by introducing microorganisms which produces an enzyme that will break down the protein in the coconut milk. During this period, the oily phase is separated from the aqueous phase.


There have been several studies conducted that optimized the different parameters in the fermentation process to give better yield and performance of the oil. These parameters which include temperature, pH, fermentation time, inoculation concentration and oxygen requirement were extensively investigated by Mr. Lavarias to dramatically improve the quality of the carrier oil while modern fermentation is time consuming and a rather tedious process. 


The technology developed by Mr. Lavarias in creating FERMOIL, presents superior benefits of the oil now that the fermentation exposes therapeutic molecule. FERMOIL is indeed a product made from a modern, updated version of the traditional fermentation process of coconut oil processing.


Studies have also shown the antimicrobial properties of coconut oil is due to it’s predominantly fatty acid component which is lauric acid. Coconut oil has proven healing properties with various studies to show that it has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal characteristics which are now bioavailable with Fermoil . The fatty acids in the oil will have adverse effects on bacteria, viruses and fungi and can disrupt the lipid membranes of these pathogenic organisms thus inactivating them. All these considered, and with the combined benefits of FERMOIL having exposed fatty acid molecule, it truly has the advantage of being a superior next generation carrier oil. 

Which products can Fermoil enhance?

Being a 5th gen carrier oil the following commercial application will result in better consumer acceptance.



With FERMOIL's  lowered flash point it is ideal for health vaping. Even without any CBD or other oils, FERMOIL provides the vaporized fatty acids into the lungs for controlling infections.



FERMOIL, when replacing totally the ordinary first gen carrier oils, the tincture becomes 4 to 7 times more bioavailable and quick acting.

Natural Soap


FERMOIL improves bioavailability of the CBD delivering important helpful cannabinoids to the part of the body where it is needed.

Beauty Products


FERMOIL, with its quick absorption into the skin due to the fermentation of the oil's film surface that results in better bioavailability of the topical's active oils.

Chunk of Chocolates


FERMOIL having no odor or flavor will enhance edibles by improving its shelf life. 

Vitamins and pills


FERMOIL remarkably improves the absorption of the suppository content into the surrounding tissues.

Candy from the Jar


FERMOIL reduces onset time from 90 minutes to less than 30 minutes.

Cat and Dog


FERMOIL in and by itself has been anecdotally known to cure cancer and many other ailments of both people and pets. 

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FERMOIL when replacing 100% as the carrier oil, the tincture becomes 4 to 7 times more bioavailable and quick acting.


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About Us


FERMOIL USA LLC is the corporate vehicle of multi-awarded Filipino Scientist Willem Lavarias’ latest invention of producing the paramount carrier oil from pure natural vegetable oils like coconut oil and olive oils.​

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In 2015 Mr. Lavarias released the first “pharma” grade oxygenated vegetable oil and released it to the Philippine health market as a supplement or adjunct to other formal medications. Here are some of the testimonials of his product back then called “Salutem” in the Philippines:

This product was introduced in the US carrier oil segment for the cannabis industry known as OXYOIL and is performing extremely well in tinctures and vape fluids immediately conferring a massive competitive advantage to the products of the importer.


Having developed a new process of modernizing the traditional fermentation of coconut oil, Mr. Lavarias designed a laboratory bioreactors that would ferment the natural oils to release and enhance their curative fatty acids, predigested in the bioreactors to maximize bioavailability and relief onset of any essential oil or plant compounds with curative value mixed with FERMOIL.


Tests will show that FERMOIL can perform better in those two aspects compared to nano emulsification, and thus we call it 5th Generation.

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