About Us

FERMOIL USA LLC is the corporate vehicle of multi-awarded Filipino Scientist Willem Lavarias’ latest invention of producing the paramount carrier oil from pure natural vegetable oils like coconut oil and olive oils.​

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In 2015 Mr. Lavarias released the first “pharma” grade oxygenated vegetable oil and released it to the Philippine health market as a supplement or adjunct to other formal medications. Here are some of the testimonials of his product back then called “Salutem” in the Philippines:

Bouncing back: Beating breast cancer

Fermoil has a lot of potential in treating various ailments, including cancer. Here, a patient’s neighbor tells us the story of how their symptoms improved dramatically in eight weeks:


“My neighbor has Stage 4 breast cancer and doesn’t want to undergo chemotherapy...

This product was introduced in the US carrier oil segment for the cannabis industry known as OXYOIL and is performing extremely well in tinctures and vape fluids immediately conferring a massive competitive advantage to the products of the importer.


Having developed a new process of modernizing the traditional fermentation of coconut oil, Mr. Lavarias designed a laboratory bioreactors that would ferment the natural oils to release and enhance their curative fatty acids, predigested in the bioreactors to maximize bioavailability and relief onset of any essential oil or plant compounds with curative value mixed with FERMOIL.


Tests will show that FERMOIL can perform better in those two aspects compared to nano emulsification, and thus we call it 5th Generation.