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All Natural Pharma Grade Oil: FERMOIL

It has been long known that coconut and olive oils contain fatty acids that are potent antidotes to vicious viruses, bad bacteria and fungi. When we ingest these oils, many of which are used as carrier oils in the tincture segment, they have to go through certain metabolic processes in our gut that then release the molecules of the fatty acids that target the bad microbes and quite miraculously nurture the good microbes that stabilize our health.

The revolutionary FERMOIL goes through a double fermentation process, an oxygenation process and other proprietary processes under patents that makes the fatty acids molecules readily exposed FROM THE BOTTLE. Therefore, FERMOIL does NOT dilute the CBD or other cannabinoids but rather interlocks the molecules of the fatty acids with that of oxygen and the cannabinoid molecules resulting in the best bioavailability of all of the healing properties of the coconut oil, the olive oil and the chosen cannabinoids.

  • Thus, we say "pharma grade" carrier oils

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