Salutem and Eximius testimonials:
Why we say it is “pharma-grade”

Just a few years ago, in 2015, a two revolutionary oils were introduced into the world by Dr. Willem Lavarias: Salutem and Eximius. Since then, these first generation oils have gained popularity in the Philippines, with a plethora of applications and health benefits. Today, Salutem and Eximius have evolved into FERMOIL, the newest and most bioavailable fifth generation oil in the market. Here’s what people think about the first generation Salutem and Eximius.

Boy Fajardo on Salutem

“About six months ago, I had to go to the hospital because of some pain. They took my blood chemistry and my creatinine was at 400, my PSA (prostate-specific antigen) was 100, my uric acid, everything was higher than normal. I underwent a colonoscopy, only to find out that my colon was fine, but it was my prostate that was inflamed.


They gave me a catheter, and I had to undergo a TURP procedure (transurethral resection of the prostate). Five days before that, my friend, also named Boy, came to see me with Salutem and Eximius oil. He said, ‘Tukayo, drink this.’ I drank it for four days — I started Sunday morning, and I underwent the procedure Wednesday evening. Before the operation, on Sunday afternoon, doctors took my blood chemistry again, along with an X-ray, ultrasound, etc. Everything was perfect except for my prostate.


After the procedure, everything was stable and normal. My doctors said, ‘You’re 72 and 120/80 consistently!’ I was surprised and felt great. I continued taking the Salutem and Eximius oils after going home. About 20 days after, I could walk around on my own, and I’ve gained back the 20 pounds that I lost.”

Bouncing back: Beating breast cancer

Fermoil has a lot of potential in treating various ailments, including cancer. Here, a patient’s neighbor tells us the story of how their symptoms improved dramatically in eight weeks:


“My neighbor has Stage 4 breast cancer and doesn’t want to undergo chemotherapy. Recently, she came back from Hong Kong and couldn’t sleep and was moaning because of the pain. Because her condition is very serious, I suggested she try the Salutem oil, in 15ml doses three times a day. On her first day of taking the oil, she slept well for the first time in a while. After a week, she was able to go to the mall by herself. By the fourth week, she was able to go out of town to Samar. Then, from the fifth to the eighth week, she travelled to Cebu. The Salutem oil seems to be working great — after her vacation, she’s always cooking. She’s strong now.”

Treating a triple threat:
Mitral valve prolapse, nasal polyp, and allergic rhinitis

"Living life to the fullest is sometimes restricted by certain conditions. This avid trekker has tried many treatments and medications since 2009, but his conditions have only gotten worse. The patient suffers from mitral valve prolapse in his heart, which affects his breathing during treks; and allergic rhinitis, which also affects his breathing when there is smoke, dust, or even the smell of perfume. He also suffers from a nasal polyp in his left nostril. “The worst that had happened was I almost fainted while climbing a mountain,” he recalls.


His conditions have gotten to the point where he has been forbidden to go trekking because of the exhaustion. It was suggested that he try the Salutem oil, and the results have been encouraging to say the least. Recently, the patient went on a hike despite his ailments, and the oil practically saved his life. Here is his testimony:


“My illness is so complicated, and I shouldn’t be mountain climbing, but I still did anyway. I was so hard-headed. Right before I ordered the Salutem, I was very weak. I felt like I had no chance to live. When I walked, I felt like my surroundings grew cold. When I came home, I took one teaspoon; later on, I noticed that something was different. It took me four to five days to recover because my immune system was so weak at the time.”


By the time the patient ordered his second bottle, he reported back with more good news:


“I’m feeling good. I’m not that weak anymore, and I can go on walks in the morning. I only took 5ml a day, and my allergy has disappeared; it’s become manageable. I haven’t had a follow-up check-up regarding my nasal polyp yet, but I am better now compared to before. Best of all, I don’t get tired as easily.”

Prevention is key: Evading stroke

Stroke is something that can creep up on you, no matter how healthy you think you are. This patient felt some numbness in their hands, and a few days later on their feet. Despite knowing that this was a symptom of an oncoming stroke, the patient chose to ignore it, thinking that it could just be a lack of healthy food, water, or exercise.


About a week after the first numbing sensation, the patient felt dizzy and was experiencing blurry vision and a hard time breathing. “My chest felt a little tight,” the patient adds, “And my heart was pounding fast. It felt like something was coming up.” The patient turned to a trusty Vicks inhaler which gave some comfort, but everything still felt the same, the patient said. As a last resort, the patient took some Eximius oil, of which they luckily had an open bottle. “I took it and lay down — I felt so weak, having a hard time breathing and all.”


On the days that followed, the patient tried contacting doctors but to no avail, given that it was Christmastime. When the patient felt tightness on the nape, they took the Eximius oil again, and when it ran out, tried out the Salutem oil. The patient was able to sleep after that.


A few weeks later, on the second week of January, the patient had recovered. “I was still a little weak, but I was getting there. I know Eximius oil, and especially Salutem oil, saved me that time.” By the first week of February, the patient was fully back to normal. “I’m now able to do all the things I did before without getting tired easily.”

Conquering chronic illness:
Allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis, also known as hay fever, is a burden to patients, especially when it builds up over time. This patient has had the condition for almost three years, and has tried various medications to no avail. He stumbled upon the Eximius oil one day on the internet, he says, and felt relief with his first intake. “Eximius has a good effect on me,” the patient says, “I can now breathe properly. Even on my first intake, I felt better… My allergic rhinitis [is now] manageable.”

Sugar, we’re going down swingin’: Defeating diabetes

Apart from our selling partners, the news about Salutem oil is also getting around by word of mouth from patients who have been treated successfully by the oil. As they say, sharing is caring. Here, a selling partner shares the story of a diabetic woman who was relieved by the Salutem oil.


“A new buyer called, and in the middle of our conversation, she told me that she had been thinking about getting her loved ones to try the Salutem oil because it was recommended by her friend. Her friend’s mom was diabetic, and she had been admitted to the hospital because of her condition. Her mother was practically healed because of the oil, and her blood sugar doesn’t require maintenance medicine anymore. Now, she just takes the Salutem oil as her maintenance.”

Made for walking:
Treating leg cancer

This patient’s leg cancer has rendered her almost immobile, with each step taken inflicting pain on her legs. But just on her second bottle of Salutem oil, the pain has subsided significantly after taking the oil three times a day in 10ml doses. According to her daughter, the patient is able to walk again: “She said she can now walk without that much pain in her legs, and that she felt the tumors on her legs are slowly disappearing.”

The breath of life:
Combating a lack of brain oxygen

Since being diagnosed with a lack of oxygen supply in his brain, this patient has been chained to an oxygen tank for at least an hour or two before bed. But after taking both Eximius and Salutem oil for two weeks, the patient’s condition has improved. He still utilizes the oxygen tank for an hour before bed, but only to finish the supply. The patient’s daughter shares: “Before, he just laid on his bed, weak. He couldn’t stand and each much. But now he can clean himself up, eat properly, even walk around the house.” The patient continues to take the oils as maintenance, and has even gotten the whole family to take it to prevent illnesses.

Support for advancing age:
Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

This 74-year-old suffers from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and with her advancing age, she has opted out of chemotherapy since 2018. But recently, she began taking Salutem oil as a health support. “She said that her health is improving, that’s why she’s making a repurchase,” our selling partner says.

Third time’s the charm:
Thwarting thyroid goiter

“I’ve never even thought about combining products. I am very much pleased after using this serenity.”

— Katy Barrott


“I’m probably older than most folks who order this, but this combo worked for me too! I can’t say anything more exciting.”

— Julie Keyse


“My sister did this a few months ago, and I waited to order my trials to see if it really worked, but they stopped giving them out. Glad to see the trials are back again!”

— Sarah Williams